We are happy and excited to announce our dream becoming reality: Universe Cycling Team. Universe Cycling Team is a new Dutch Continental team. New in the broadest sense of the word: our team will be a blend of creativity, travel, camaraderie and racing. Cycling is our lifeline and the very basis of our friendship. Cycling is our window to the world, the globe and the universe. Cycling makes us realize that we can be big and small at the same time in the macrocosm: feeling on top of the world after winning a race, but also seeing the world that exists beyond that. Universe cycling team is the translation of our friendship, passion for cycling and travel into a semi-professional cycling team.

Racing has brought us to the most fascinating corners of the world. From the scorching heat of Burkina Faso, cross winds in the Sahara to road tripping from race to race in the East of Europe. With Universe Cycling Team we aim to go beyond. Racing in new countries and into new horizons. We are able to step up our game with the help of some fantastic partners.

The coming days and weeks we will announce the riders in our team. Our team is a beautiful mess of quality bike riders and quite the personas off the bike, from an academic to entrepreneurs and bureaucrats. Stay tuned to learn more about the racing calendar of the team and the 2023 roster.


Universe Cycling Team