Tour of Algeria

It was great to see the eleven day (10 stages in the 2.2 race plus a 1.2 on the eleventh day to top it off) back on the UCI Africa Tour calendar. After a winter full of training, or after a winter without too much training, this would be the perfect race to either show good form or get in good form. Getting an invitation was not too easy, but using the diplomatic approach in Mauritania with the coach of the Algerian national team by Dirk, the invitation was in our [...]

Tour du Sahel

Nouakchott, Tour du Sahel. When telling people around us we would be racing in Mauritania, many had to look on a map where Mauritania is actually located. Understandably, it is a country that rarely reaches the news in Western countries, yet that was only sparking our interest to go there. After good contact with 'Mister Sy' - the team manager for the Mauritanian national team - last year in some races in Morocco, it was only natural we would receive an invitation for the Tour du Sahel. Kenny and Antonie decided to plan a [...]

Universe Cycling Team hits the road in 2023

We are happy and excited to announce our dream becoming reality: Universe Cycling Team. Universe Cycling Team is a new Dutch Continental team. New in the broadest sense of the word: our team will be a blend of creativity, travel, camaraderie and racing. Cycling is our lifeline and the very basis of our friendship. Cycling is our window to the world, the globe and the universe. Cycling makes us realize that we can be big and small at the same time in the macrocosm: feeling on top of the world after winning a race, [...]

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